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Ceramic NANO-Coatings Products

NANO-Gloss Paint Protection

NANOGLOSS™ is a new generation of NANO-coatings
designed for simple hand application on "new" or
newly reconditioned automotive and marine paint
finishes, plastics and stainless-steel. NANOGLOSS™
protects the surfaces against chemical attack from any
kind of environmental pollutant, e.g., acid rain,animal
and vegetable deposits (bird droppings and tree sap)
and road grime, including salts and insect fluids, UV
rays, limescale etc.The hydrophobic and oleophobic
effects of the coating cause particles of contamination
such as grease, oil, water, mud and materials from
environmental pollution to adhere less to the substrates,
and allow them to be easily removed from the coating,
i.e. without applying abrasive agents so called "Easy to
Clean" effect.

Any type of automotive and marine paint finishes,
plastics and stainless steel.
» Automotive paint
» Marine paint
» Stainless steel surfaces
» Aluminum rims
» Plastics like PMMA, ABS etc.

Other Properties
» Invisible to the human eye (coating thickness: 100 nm)
» Permanent (UV-stable)
» Very resistant to abrasion
» Chemical-resistant (up to a pH value of 13)
» Breathable
» Very simple do-it-yourself application
» Contact angle: 130°
» Temperature resistant (up to 450°C)

Once applied, the coating forms a complete network and
completely sets after 24hours. The easy-clean effect can
be seen tested after the 24 hour setting period.

UV stable for the lifetime of the coated surface -
assuming the protected surface is not damaged by
Competitors' similar products like silicon oils or
fluorocarbon technologies are slowly destroyed
by sunlight.

A permanent chemical bond with the surface enables
excellent abrasion resistance.
Competitors' similar products can be easily removed
by abrasion.

The product is chemically resistant up to a pH 13.
Competitors' similar products do not have this property
and must be reapplied.

Lifetime Warranty – New Cars          $800 Sedan - $900 4WD/

Full Interior Protection

Our Full Interior Protection consists of:

  • Fabric/Upholstery Protection
  • Carpet Protection
  • Leather Protection
  • Plastics/Vinyls Protection

High quality NANO-Quarzfab™ series nano-coatings

These advanced fibre protection products,based on NANO-TECHNOLOGY, protect a wide range of fabrics and materials from water,dirt,stains and contamination from most liquids while remaining completely invisible.
These protection products do not affect the appearance, colour, breathability or handling of the fabrics and materials while at the same time are easy to maintain.
CERAMIC nano-coatings™ products are extremely water-resistant on outdoor fabrics keeping them drier longer. When the fabrics are treated with our CERAMIC nano-coatings™ products,
stains like oil, coffee, red wine etc. belong to the past.

Suitable For:

  • Car interior protection for carpets and upholstery fabrics
  • Household fabrics such as upholstery, carpets, pillows, cushions, sheets etc.
  • Suede and leather
  • Paper, cardboard
  • Clothing
  • Outdoor furniture


  • Protects fibres from the infiltration of dirt
  • Super water and oil repellent properties
  • Food safe (does not react with food)
  • Strong non-stick properties


The products are UV-stable and enable full functionality for the lifetime of the coated surface. Many competitive products are slowly degraded by sunlight.






People Mover 

GTechniq or ToughSeal

 I1 Smart Fabric

Wine, coffee etc. simply rolls off the surface and can be wiped away with a damp cloth with zero staining. I1 coats each fibre individually which means the texture of the fabric remains unaffected and allowing fabric to “breathe”. Works well also on convertible roofs with great durability. 

What’s special about Gtechniq I1 Smart Fabric?

Unlike regular coatings the nano particles of I1 actually coat the individual fibres of the fabric thereby leaving the “breathability” and feel of the fabric unaffected.  The former means that stale air can still escape but at the same time repelling any water or oil based liquids.  Being solvent based ensures a much deeper penetration of the active ingredient giving an I1 treated surface much better durability and overall performance.  Typically an I1 treated surface will outlast conventional water repellent coatings by a factor of approximately x5 with durability on soft-tops for example, lasting as much as three years.

 L1 Leather Guard

The only leather coating product that prevents die transfer onto pale leather. Typically prevents blue jeans marking cream leather auto interiors. L1 is ultra-durable, stain resistant and provides effective UV protection.

What's special about Gtechniq L1 Leather Guard?

L1 offers best of its type protection against staining and best of its type durability.  Being solvent based L1 penetrates deep into the leather and it is because L1 is a true nano scale product that it offers better durability and performance than standard products. L1 also adds water repellency to the surface of the leather.

 Sedan                     $350

 S/Wagon                 $360

 4WD/SUV               $390

 P/Mover                  $410

 *Discounts apply when purchased in conjunction with Paint Protection.

 * For individual Interior Protection product pricing,  please call 0425 458 844.




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